My Halloween-if you can even call it that.

This Halloween day I won't be dressing up, however I did get up and get dressed for church, here's the look:

Once I dye my hair tonight maybe i'll do a hair bow, yes, like Lady Gaga and call it a success for Halloween 2010. Or not, maybe i'll just make caramel apples with my roomies and lay in my bed doing homework.

WHAT THE HECK AM I GOING TO WEAR THIS WEEK? This whole lookbook thing is new and it's good for me, it encourages me to get up, shower, and get ready. Instead of the usual roll out of bed, throw a hoodie and jeans on and go look. Which is so out. Cannot wait to visit California for Thanksgiving. I know I'll find more inspiration there than in this small little town. No diss on little ol' Rexburg, Idaho... Just saying.

This night;


Today I laid in bed all day, then finally got out of bed and got ready. My sister and I went to a comedy show- 'twas funny. Then we went to buy hair dye, cookies, treats, and tea. Had our first movie night together! (: Now, tireeddd.

And yes, I bought RED hair dye. Super essited to get red hairs tomorrow!



Remember: I wanted red hair first.

Kat Von D would pull this hair color before I got to. Nevertheless, I wanted it a year ago, but due to my Mother's requests I didn't do it.

Rihanna is pulling it too, Hers is to bright for me however.

Can't say I'm not thinking about red hair again.
But this might be more along the lines of what I want. Okay, not mention that everything this girl wears I would die for.

(check out her lookbook: http://lookbook.nu/user/8649-Kate-P)

Oh and this girl pulls the red hair good too:

(check out her lookbook, http://lookbook.nu/isabellegloria)

Off-to-class look. I guess.

For the casual, yet stylish, going-to-school look I love these. Waking up ten minutes before you have to leave to class and it's freezing cold outside, isn't always the easiest thing. Not to mention this whole "it's always freezing and snowing here" thing, my outfits are getting real thrown off. But layering, my favorite, has gotten alot easier!



My Etsy shop is up and running! I will have a couple more things up on it this week! I'm just waiting for some things coming in the mail and then I'll be good to go.

A sneak peek at what's coming soon: Studded, bleached tank dresses! Zipper Headbands! More!

Tell your friends about my shop too! Thanks!



GOOD Trade.

Never been so thankful that I know how to sew. Got these bad boys in exchange for fixing two rips in my sister's friend's pants!

Ideas on Etsy.

Yup, you read right. I am working on creating my very own Etsy shop. I've done all the calculations, starting sewing pieces, and coming up with ideas! I expect you to buy something once it's up and running! Here's a picture of one thing I'll be selling: an assortment of doo-dads!
We could all use a few doo-dads to pin to a bag, a tank, a hoodie. Or maybe in our hair or on a headband. The possibilities are endless!


Found: Old photographs

So, I came across these photos of me. The first two were done by my sister in her HS photo class. The last photo was done by my ex-boyfriend, Cameron. All the photos were manually developed in a dark room. NO DIGITAL. Cool, right? Another random thing I just noticed, I'm wearing the same dress in all the pictures even when they were taken years apart. I promise I have more dresses than just this one. I have always appreciated photographers (the real ones) but it's not anything I'm good. So I'll stick to art and sewing.

Gifts and tags.

All of my Christmas gifts this year will be handmade. No exceptions.

And can someone tell me is it arrogant to put a tag of my wanna-be clothing/accessory brand on these hand made items?


Fashion on Glee!

To say the least, I love Glee. But Emma Pillsbury, played by Jayma Mays, is their number one fashionista! Not only am I envious of her millions of high-waisted pencil skirts, but I am completely jealous of her ability to rock color. I'm prone to wearing all neautrals and throwing one small bit of bright color- NOT EMMA! Look at this yellow on yellow on top of even more yellow outfit!

Or coral on coral on coral.
So maybe we all can't do color like she can, but we can do this! Military is in and this cute little sweater has a smidge of a military feel. Not to mention LOVE the color of the skirt.
Last, but not least, the infamous sweater clip. One question: Where can I get one? This girl knows how to wear a pencil skirt and a sweater like nobody I've ever seen.
I did however notice in tonight's episode of Glee, she was in earthy tones with small bits of color. Like the brown plaid dress with a bit of blue in it paired with a blue sweater. Or, her tan skirt, brown top and coral belt at the waist. Then again the episode was more of a somber one. We'll find out next week if she's back to brights or not!