these are making me feel something that i like.





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buzzing brain

Is it so hard for me to just be really good at one thing? I want to be amazing at something but I am starting to feel mediocre at everything I do. I want to be an authentic artist. I want to be a real rock star. I want to be a willowy writer. I want to be a smooth singer. I want to be a fought after friend. I am none of these however. I am just a girl who draws or paints every now and then. I am just a wannabe rock star. I am just a blah writer. I am just an off pitch singer. I am just a horrible friend. What will I ever become? I wonder this most of my days. But I never really do anything about it. I just wonder and wander and wonder and wander in my blank, buzzing brain.

Lola and I started a book together. A book of kittens, struggles, obsessions, secrets, dreams, memories, art, people, life, the journey and everything we learn therein. This book has taken over our room. But any second something comes to mind we go straight to the book and put it down. Each page is covered in color, magazine clippings, writing, paint, mod podge and our souls combined. Her and I collaborate so well artistically. Our creative process is the same. We never disagree. We think alike and it just goes so swell. I love living with an artistic person. It’s nice to talk and see things artistically and be able to actually talk about it with someone.



Lola and I decided we needed a sign for our door. The first part I made, it says “Dani K” the second part Lola made, it says “Lola” and the last one we made together and it says “vibes”.

She is the only person I have ever met that understands vibes as well as me.

DSCN1022 We bought feathers too. To make some feather clips for our hair. Yeah, that’s right, we got real crafty this weekend!

Here’s what I wore. yo. fa. sho.


win, fail. win. win. fail. fail. win.


xoxo dani k


Camouflaged by the timeline.

It’s Friday. The Friday to a 4 day weekend. I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. No school Monday. So happy. Got a quick homework assignment to do and then the fun begins. What will I do for fun you might ask? Uh, yeah, about that. I’m not sure yet. Anyways I got dressed today. Believe it or not. Ch-ch-ch-ch-check it.


sweater: UO

belt: yard sale

bf jeans: levis

clogs: vince camuto, macys

I also learned some new editing techniques. Expect some new thing!


xoxoxoxoxo win, fail. dani k



Happy V day!
Photo credit: lola nielsen @ http://www.flickr.com/photos/thearistocat/


Identity Crisis

No, I am not currently undergoing an identity crisis but I was telling my roomie and friend today how when I was in the first grade I was very confused about my identity. I had alwasy gone by the name Dani and then I got into my class and there was a boy in my class with teh name Danny. I got very upset if anybody called me Dani because I was convinced it was a boy name. But then I was thinking, “Am I a boy? I know I’m not.” I was so confused. Then to top it off him and I had matching shoes. It was a disaster. But I know I’m a girl, I do go by Dani again and I have sworn to never wear those ugly sandals that him and i both had ever again. Crisis solved.

Here’s what I wore today:

vest; thrifted

tank; Lola’s

sweater; express

jeans; mc’s

oxfords; steve madden


thas all folks.



failing failure. winning winner. winning failure.

xoxo dani k


It’s that love-thingy day.

There’s been little to no posts lately. I’ve been busy busy busy. But I did get up and get dressed today and actually took pictures. Here’s what I wore:


Sunglasses: Forever 21

Butterfly button up: Old Navy

Jacket: Levis

Jeans: my friends

Oxfords; Steve Madden, Macys

Well today is that thing called Valentine’s day. My valentine is Lola. My roommate.I gave her a valentine card with a mood ring attached. She has been dying for a mood ring lately. We even went on a valentine’s day date. SUSHI! Here we are:

Yes, they added a romantic candle for the event.

Da Chy roll & Spider roll.   sushi!

We did work on them. Now off to a church Valentine’s day activity.


keep on winning yall. it’s the way to liveee.


xoxoxo Dani k!