I am most positive I talk about how much I want sushi everyday. Finally we found a sushi place and so Loli and I went to check it out. It’s called Da Pineapple Grill.


We realized after we started eating that we hadn’t taken a picture. So here’s a probably non-appetizing picture of our sushi. The one on the left the Da Chy roll. SO GOOD. That’s mango on it!


So years and years ago I begged my boyfriend at the time to buy me this Stussy beanie from Active. He told me, “You’ll never wear it Dan” but I was convinced I would. He bought it. I never wore it. Until now. So I had to take some pictures to send him so he knows he spent his money well.


DSCN0553 DSCN0554

I have a feeling those pictures won’t ever get old. We were laughing so hard over that. I kinda look homeless.

Side story: the maroon leather jacket Lola's wearing we got for free! It's a Roxy jacket in pristine condition. A girl who lives in our apartment complex came knocking on our door the other night, said an old roommate left it behind but nobody would claim it. So they knew we would wear it, called us "fashionista's" even. SO YAY WE GOT A FREE JACKET YALL.


Okay, so I’m sure if you follow me it’s for what I wear. You just use me for my clothes. Just kidding. So here’s what I wore yesterday:

Jacket: levis

Flannel: BDG @ Urban Outfitters

Jeans: friend Mare Chris’

Boots: Steve Madden @ Macy*s

Beanie: gift from Cameron, Stussy @ Active

Yesterday was 40 degrees warmer than it was on Monday and it was still snowing. Does that seem wrong to anybody else but me? It’s ridiculous that it was 30 degrees and I was thinking, “It’s so warm today”. JUST WRONG. Midterms are coming up. Studying to be done. Sleeping to be done. Recovering from this cold to be done.

I’ve been looking at cosmetology schools lately. Paul Mitchell, Marinello’s, etc. Anybody have any experiences with either? Suggestions? I have just always had this strong desire to go learn hair and makeup. It kills meh.

Loli and I got purple and orange lipstick. It was just love at first sight.

I miss California. I miss my niece, she’s learning to walk and talk and it’s killing me to not see it. I miss sushi, already. I miss a lot.

Keep on winning and failing. It’s the way to live.

Win to fail, fail to win.

xoxo danniiii

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