Stacks of Life.


Stacks of Cash Life.

Hey there my lovelies. So I caught a bug somehow. I’ve been moping around like a sad little child. Seems like I can’t get enough sleep at night and then can’t stay awake during the day. It can be so hard to get ready for the day when you’re sick. If you can’t tell what I’m trying to get at, here it is: IT WAS REALLY HARD FOR ME TO GET READY THIS MORNING. Lack of energy, lack of sleep, lack of encouragement. Nevertheless, I was able to muster up the energy to do so. I hate being uncomfortable when sick, I mean, who does? So I threw on some comfort clothes.

Comfortable jeans: Levis

Warm socks: Macy*s

Comfy boots: Steve Madden, Macy*s

Tank: I cut from a very cute boy’s old Stussy tee

Fuzzy flannel: O’neill


Photos taken by: Lola @ http://bleeding-gold.blogspot.com Check her blog out to see her looks and her photography.

Look at these cute kitty cats who joined us for our photo shoot. We tried for at least 10 minutes to get these little suckers into our arms and into our apartment. No luck.

The orange one looks like Garfield. SO CYOOT. I will be a cat lady one day.

This weekend was pretty fun for myself. Watched Takers (I completely recommend this movie to anybody and everybody.) with stars very handsome men but mostly Chris Brown, who I just totally have the hots for. WE made muddy buddies and ate pizza! The rest of my weekend was spent being sick and laying around the apartment with Lola. I made valentine’s cupcakes the other day, (thanks Mom for the package!) They got eaten up really fast. Guess they were good (: I’m currently working on a package for my mister missionary. His birthday is coming up on the 12th!

On another note, I just had a huge realization in my life that I need to tell people how much they mean to me. I am so closed off with my emotions. I rarely tell people they are important to me or make an impact on my life. I currently have a friend who is really going through a lot. Luckily it 'isn’t her time to go and she pushed through. I am thankful I still have the opportunity to tell her how much she means to me and how much I love her. When you almost lose someone everything in life seems to kick itself into perspective. Life is fragile. Any life can be gone at any second. I need to do better at taking hold of that and tell all the people that matter to me, that they matter. To my friend, my heart is with you and I’m praying with all my heart for you. I love you.

Sorry for that. But I still haven’t been able to talk to her since the accident and it’s hard. I just hope you all think of who is important in your life and tell them.

Anyways, I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the day. I get to go study and take a test and do homework. YAY! Well, I want to know: how are you all doing? How’s the blogging world treating you? How’s life? What is your favie article of clothing is right now? Etc. Etc. Fill me in!

Keep winning, keep failing. XOXO Dani K.


P.s. I’ve been told I should do the 30x30 challenge. That means I choose 30 articles of clothing and for 30 days I can only make outfits out of those pieces of clothing. HMPH sounds challenging. Shall I or shall I not?


  1. You should totally do that challenge. You are so creative, I definitely think you could do it!

  2. I'm thinking about it.. It's so hard just because I gotta wear stuff to keep me warm out in the winter-ness. Haha

  3. I don't know if your sister told you or not. But I asked her to tell you that you have inspired me to wear more lip color! I am addicted to your blog!

  4. YAY! I love lipstick. It's my secret addiction. I need a purply one next. (: