Throbbing Thoughts.


My mind is just throbbing with thoughts. Heavy, detailed, annoying thoughts. I just have to get them out.

  • It sickens me that I ever liked you two. Watching you both from afar with your hypocrisy, ingenuity, overindulgence and attention obsessed self. It’s amazing how much someone can change in such a short amount of time. But it’s more amazing how much better life got when I left you out of it.
  • That feeling when you finally realize what you want to do with the next few years and where you’ll do but not a single idea of HOW you’ll do it.
  • It really just does not matter at all. None of THIS matters.
  • I just want you to be back. I miss you so much more everyday.
  • I never wanted a best friend. I suck at that. I just wanted friends. Nothing more. But possibly less. That word best is really the worst.
  • Will I ever just quit? Will I ever just stop with all of this? Will I ever just give it up?
  • Fear is fake.



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