Identity Crisis

No, I am not currently undergoing an identity crisis but I was telling my roomie and friend today how when I was in the first grade I was very confused about my identity. I had alwasy gone by the name Dani and then I got into my class and there was a boy in my class with teh name Danny. I got very upset if anybody called me Dani because I was convinced it was a boy name. But then I was thinking, “Am I a boy? I know I’m not.” I was so confused. Then to top it off him and I had matching shoes. It was a disaster. But I know I’m a girl, I do go by Dani again and I have sworn to never wear those ugly sandals that him and i both had ever again. Crisis solved.

Here’s what I wore today:

vest; thrifted

tank; Lola’s

sweater; express

jeans; mc’s

oxfords; steve madden


thas all folks.



failing failure. winning winner. winning failure.

xoxo dani k


  1. Wow I haven't seen a denim vest in ages but it looks great. Love your style!

  2. Aww thanks. Yeah, I got it at a thrift store maybe that explains why you don't see them anymore! Haha, But I hear they're trending this Spring.