It’s that love-thingy day.

There’s been little to no posts lately. I’ve been busy busy busy. But I did get up and get dressed today and actually took pictures. Here’s what I wore:


Sunglasses: Forever 21

Butterfly button up: Old Navy

Jacket: Levis

Jeans: my friends

Oxfords; Steve Madden, Macys

Well today is that thing called Valentine’s day. My valentine is Lola. My roommate.I gave her a valentine card with a mood ring attached. She has been dying for a mood ring lately. We even went on a valentine’s day date. SUSHI! Here we are:

Yes, they added a romantic candle for the event.

Da Chy roll & Spider roll.   sushi!

We did work on them. Now off to a church Valentine’s day activity.


keep on winning yall. it’s the way to liveee.


xoxoxo Dani k!

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