Cocoa Christmas.

It has been so good to be home for the holidays. I got to leave the icy, cold burg and come to California, my home. I feel so blessed to have the family that I do. We’ve had such a good time together. Not to mention- my baby niece McKenzie’s first Christmas. I am starting to feel sad when I think I have about a week left in Calif. then back to the cold for 4 months. I don’t think I’ll be visiting home in that time span either. Sad face.

I got everything I wanted for Christmas- California, a Wacom tablet (the Bamboo Craft), sewing machine, clogs, fur, the best birthday for my best friend and love. My family spoiled me with gifts this year. I am so grateful. Christ is the reason for the season as they say and it truly is. I have felt the Savior’s love in my life and He continually changes me and makes me better. I am eternally in debt for His sacrifice. Merry Christmas, I hope it was one to remember.


Ps. Anybody have a Bamboo Craft who has any cool tips or tricks they’ve learned and want to share?


The weather outside is frightful;

Well my dears, I live in the snow. I am officially an eskimo. Just kidding. But I do like eskimo kisses, just saying. Well, Fish was getting a little chilly in the weather and as his Mother I must provide for him. I crocheted him a nice little scarf. He is oh so fashionable. (:

This was campus today! Snow, snow, snow. Love it though. That is the beloved Spori building and/or art building on my BYU-Idaho campus. What a beauty, eh?

Stay warm! XOXO.


"I'm going, going back, back to Cali, Cali"

Welp, I'm finally home in California. Can you guess what my latest muse is?

Nothing can compare to California, home sweet home.

Xoxo, DK.


Friday Favs.

I can't begin to choose brown or black clogs. All I know is I need some fur, clogs, and scarves. It's cold outside! These are my favs! What are your winter favs?

xoxo, Dk

Whatta Week!

I have been the worst blogger this week. It has been so crazy this week. (This is when I start giving excuses) I have been sick all week, this is my last week in Idaho before I get to go home for Thanksgiving, I had two tests, failed both, cried a lot, had to finish sewing my blouse for my Clothing Construction class and I finally go home today!

Now, that that's over with... I have been so grateful to have a few more followers. My blog is slowly slowly moving along. I am going to do some serious work on it once I get back. PROMISE. But until then, I'll still be posting California pictures and road trip pictures.

I cannot wait to be in California for a while, I can finally recoup and get some inspiration going on. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Xoxo, Dani K.


Monday Muse: Dia de los Muertos

I have sufficiently been obsessed with Dia de los Muertos and candy skulls as of late! The holiday in itself is just so beautiful and festive. All the art, homemade treats and decorations are just gorgeous. I love the bright colors, but especially the candy skulls. So much that I whipped up some of my own fabric skulls!

I still haven't attached them to anything but I'm planning on putting them on a wallet I'm going to sew for my friend's birthday or maybe even some cotton mary janes! Welp, thanks for reading Monday Muse! What's your latest muse?

Xoxo, Dani K.


A best friend.

I think we've all had those times in life where we felt like there was nobody to tell what we were going through, or what we felt. That's when you turn to your true best friend: your journal. A journal is only as important as you let it be. So, make it your own so you want to write in it. Not only the words you write should express what you feel but so should the pictures, the covers, the colors, and even how worn out it is by the time your done with it. Here is my favorite journal of mine: I took a sketch book (I prefer journals without lines so I can draw and add pictures) glued on stuff I found in magazines and then later on added the blue painters tape when it ripped.

The inside cover:

A time when I was lonely:
A time when I was hopeless:
A time when I was exhausted with life:
A time to figure out my wants from my needs:
I time I was done:
Well, there's just a small look into my journal. What's your look like? Any good ideas on how to decorate and make a journal your own, let me know!

Xoxo, dani k.

Realistic dreaming.

Even though it is MY dream and not anybody else’s, I still have to be logical. This can’t happen until I find those few other people who want the same thing I do just as bad. I think about this every minute of every single day. Ask my closest friends and my sister. It consumes my mind and my heart. I research, I dream, I read, I study, I design, I create, I think, and I pray my little heart out.

I need to find the ones who are willing to give things up, people up, money up, and time up for it. I am willing to have children later in life for this. I am willing to be poor for a long time, I am willing to be at a shop day in and day out 24/7.

The ones who have something to bring to the table. For instance, they can sew, they craft, they make journals, they make good tea, they love thrift shopping, they can decorate interior spaces, they make art. I can’t ever run a business where i am the only one designing and making while they get profit for it.

In case you’re completely oblivious to what I am talking about, I’m not afraid to say it anymore. I used to be embarrassed what people would think of me. Not anymore, because I know it’s going to happen. I want a store. I want to sell handmade crafts, journals, skirts, hair accessories, wallets, bags, and more. I want to sell vintage and thrifted one of a kind pieces. I want to sell art and music. I want to sell vintage shoes and jewelry. I want to sell children’s clothing and fun doo-dads. I want to sell handmade accessories for Fishbowls and kittens. My shop will be everything I love. I want it to be an experience coming to my shop. Where people can sit down and color like they did when they were a child. Where they dress up in old vintage clothing and sip on tea. I want them to be inspired by art and music and crafts.

This dream I dream will be my reality one day. I know I won’t marry until I find the one man who believes this for me too. I know I won't rest until I'm going to sleep already living this dream. I know I won't give up. This is the one thing I've wanted more than any other.


Fish is a fine fella.

If you already didn't know, I love my fish, named Fish, very much. I realized I wasn't giving him enough credit for how fancy he is. So, I whipped up this mustache.

Also, I took the bow from my DIY tutorial and attached a ribbon to it and tied it around his bowl.

He's a classy fish, I know.

DIY: A Simple Bow.

I love a bow just like any other girl out there. This simple DIY project can be done in five to ten minutes! So here we go:

1. First, cut 4 strips of your fav fabric!
  • two 6x3 1/2
  • two 6x1 1/2
You can alter these sizes depending on how small or large you want your bow. But, remember to leave a seam allowance!

2. Place right sides together and sew the larger pieces on all 3 sides, then on the fourth side leave a 1 1/2 opening in the middle (so you can turn it inside out). On the smaller piece, only sew the two long sides.
3. Turn the pieces inside out and on the opening you left, sew it closed by hand using a slipstitch.

4. Now, take your smaller piece (that you already turned inside out), cut it in half, then fold it in half sew along the edge. Remember to backstitch!

Sidenote: Yes I realize you feel like you wasted fabric, but I had the wrong measurements to begin with. But now you have two rings and maybe it'll tempt you to make another bow. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. (;

5. Turn the ring inside out. Your pieces should look like this.

6. Pull the ring onto your rectangle piece of fabric. You can hand sew it in place, once it's where you want it, or for faster results you can hot glue it.

TA-DA! You made a bow. You can attach a rubber band, bobby pin, barrette, or attach it to a headband for a hairpiece. Or you can attach an elastic and it can now become your little nephew's new bow-tie. Sew in onto a wallet or the front of a shirt for extra detail. It's up to you what you do!


Same thing, Diff day.


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