A best friend.

I think we've all had those times in life where we felt like there was nobody to tell what we were going through, or what we felt. That's when you turn to your true best friend: your journal. A journal is only as important as you let it be. So, make it your own so you want to write in it. Not only the words you write should express what you feel but so should the pictures, the covers, the colors, and even how worn out it is by the time your done with it. Here is my favorite journal of mine: I took a sketch book (I prefer journals without lines so I can draw and add pictures) glued on stuff I found in magazines and then later on added the blue painters tape when it ripped.

The inside cover:

A time when I was lonely:
A time when I was hopeless:
A time when I was exhausted with life:
A time to figure out my wants from my needs:
I time I was done:
Well, there's just a small look into my journal. What's your look like? Any good ideas on how to decorate and make a journal your own, let me know!

Xoxo, dani k.


  1. it is so important to keep a journal especially love that you add collage, makes it much more personal and unique!


  2. I love journaling, I go through spurts where I'm really good and dedicated, and other times I fail miserably. My sister (http://redranger07.blogspot.com) is two years older than me and has written over 20 journals. I NEED TO CATCH UP! Haha. Btw, just followed you LOVE your blog.

    xoxo dani k

  3. Awesome journal! I wish I was more like that, I am lucky If i can get words on a page! So awesome!

  4. Thanks Diana! I'm lucky to get a couple words on a page too! I found an easy way though, just take a small notebook (I got a pack of 6 at Staples for really cheap and it's probably 2 in x 4 in) and decorate it cute. Take it everywhere and just write small things down. It's funny to read back on.

    XOXO, DK