It's November! Finally! And you know what else? I haven't posted a single Lookbook look this week /: I'll get on top of that later on. Today I wore: Jeggings (greatest thing that ever happened to a student attending a school with a no legging rule), a loose tank, long flannel, necklace, and brown boots.

So I thought it'd be fun to share what my latest obsessions are since they change constantly.

I am currently obsessed with:

Peanut Butter Cup hot cocoa, my red hair, un-chipped nails, herbal tea, Dia de los Muertos, candy skulls, lykke li, my stuffed animal kittens, looking at fashion schools, and you!

Well, have a great week! Hopefully I'll be posting looks of mine soon, if not, I'll post other peoples! (:

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