DIY: A Simple Bow.

I love a bow just like any other girl out there. This simple DIY project can be done in five to ten minutes! So here we go:

1. First, cut 4 strips of your fav fabric!
  • two 6x3 1/2
  • two 6x1 1/2
You can alter these sizes depending on how small or large you want your bow. But, remember to leave a seam allowance!

2. Place right sides together and sew the larger pieces on all 3 sides, then on the fourth side leave a 1 1/2 opening in the middle (so you can turn it inside out). On the smaller piece, only sew the two long sides.
3. Turn the pieces inside out and on the opening you left, sew it closed by hand using a slipstitch.

4. Now, take your smaller piece (that you already turned inside out), cut it in half, then fold it in half sew along the edge. Remember to backstitch!

Sidenote: Yes I realize you feel like you wasted fabric, but I had the wrong measurements to begin with. But now you have two rings and maybe it'll tempt you to make another bow. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. (;

5. Turn the ring inside out. Your pieces should look like this.

6. Pull the ring onto your rectangle piece of fabric. You can hand sew it in place, once it's where you want it, or for faster results you can hot glue it.

TA-DA! You made a bow. You can attach a rubber band, bobby pin, barrette, or attach it to a headband for a hairpiece. Or you can attach an elastic and it can now become your little nephew's new bow-tie. Sew in onto a wallet or the front of a shirt for extra detail. It's up to you what you do!

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