Whatta Week!

I have been the worst blogger this week. It has been so crazy this week. (This is when I start giving excuses) I have been sick all week, this is my last week in Idaho before I get to go home for Thanksgiving, I had two tests, failed both, cried a lot, had to finish sewing my blouse for my Clothing Construction class and I finally go home today!

Now, that that's over with... I have been so grateful to have a few more followers. My blog is slowly slowly moving along. I am going to do some serious work on it once I get back. PROMISE. But until then, I'll still be posting California pictures and road trip pictures.

I cannot wait to be in California for a while, I can finally recoup and get some inspiration going on. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Xoxo, Dani K.

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  1. I completely understand when the stress of school gets in the way of blogging.