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It’s still freezing cold here. Look at all the baby icicles on teh bush outside of our apartment. Just ridiculous.


As we were walking to take pictures today an icicle fell and went straight into my skull, after a short hospital visit they were able to melt it right out. Okay, not really. Maybe that’s not even a funny joke. It’s kind of serious.


Well, if you’ve wondered why I’ve been I have been busting my butt, up all night trying to finish a project for my graphic design class and I have been spending multiple hours trying to get my hair to part on the side. As you can see, it refuses to this very day.


Okay, what I wore today:

Leather Jacket: Jou Jou

White Button-up: Old Navy, little boys section

Leopard scarf: It was given to me by my great grandmother Helen. It was hers for all her life

Jeans: AE

Burgundy tights: Hue @ Macy*s

Shoes: Thrifted

Well, I still have a shower to take and sleep to get. Night lovelies.

Keep on winning and keep on failing. XOXO Dk.




This picture you are about to see will make you wish you me. Ready…BAM!

Wish you were me? Well you should because my lovely love Lola made this for me last night. It was our late night dessert. YUM YUM. Kay, look, here is Lola very happy to be eating this.

I am really sorry I didn’t post yesterday, however not many people look at my blog at this point so I’m sure nobody is laying in bed cringing and crying because I had no post. Okay so Lola and I decided we now have open closets. This means wear what you want. Respectfully of course. Okay, here’s what I threw on and wore today.

Lipstick for life.


Okay, I have to share this with you because I just thought it was weird and funny. So I went online and was what I like to call “exploring my options”. This means I was online looking at careers and what not. So I inquired info about a beauty school. I swear to you the very second I clicked ‘enter’ my phone began ringing with somebody trying to help me with my search and help me with my interest in the school. Okay as I wrote this I realized it wasn’t that funny but it was just like, “dang! Calm down folks".

Lola bought a new guitar today. Here she is dramatically modeling it. I love this picture so very much.

This girl makes me laugh. Okay. Okay. That is all. My life is very boring. Goodnight Ya’ll.



Turbies 4 Life.

Last night Lola and I decided to sew. I got to finally teach somebody how to sew! I felt “sew” cool. Okay, I’m obviously not funny. So anyways I taught Lola how to alter sleeves on a top, make velvet sweatpants into a high-waisted skirt, and turn an old knit tee into a turban headband. I hemmed a skirt I sewed a couple months ago, made a turban headband with some fabric I never could find a use for, and altered a skirt. We had left over velvet from the sweatpants so then we made velvet turban headbands. By this time it was verrrryyy late and so for some reason we couldn’t stop laughing about them. We took pictures as we struggled to keep straight faces, then ate vegetables and drank some bubbly(Sparkling lemonade) for the occasion. We sat across from each other as if it was a date. Pretty sure we laughed the entire time. K, so here are some photos!



“Hummmmm” “Uhmmm”

Me falling from my levitation. Okay, Just kidding, this is me trying to fold my legs with my feet on top. I swear this was easy when I was young.

TURBIES 4 LIFEEE. K, As you can tell my love for what we call “turbies” is very strong. They are fashionable, they do not count as a hat at school so teachers don’t tell you to take it off, and it keeps your ears warm in the cold snowy weather. But most of all, because they’re called turbies. Turby Twin day in the near future? I think yes.

TUTORIAL TIME: (Sorry, I don’t have pictures, but it’s very simple)

1. Cut two 24 x 16” pieces of fabric.

2. Fold each of these hot-dog style, good sides facing towards each other. Sew 1/4” seam down the sides. Flip inside out.

3. Interlock the two pieces and hold it around your head to estimate how much of a seam to sew.

4. Sew all four pieces together in the back, flip inside out.

Tip: I sewed the two pieces on the end together before I sewed all four together, just so it was a little easier.


I’ll post today’s look in a little while, Love y’all. Keep winning, keep meditating, keep failing.



Am I actually smiling?

These past few days have been some ups and downs for sure. But I quickly realized if I just hold it all in and bite my tongue it’ll just be better. Being judged, misunderstood, and losing some of the most important people in your life, is well, part of life.

It's funny sometimes when I feel like everything is going wrong, I realize somebody has it worse. Today a friend I haven't talked to in a while, Emily, called me. I miss her so much. I love her and I hope the best for her with everything she's going through.

Last night Lola and I went to a dance party with a friend, Rad. It was pretty fun. Today, Her and I went to the thrift store. I needed a long skirt for church because it is just bitter cold out there!

Here’s what I wore today:

Jacket: Levis

Bleached tank: I made it!

Skirt: Old Navy

Belt: Forever 21

Thigh highs: Cut them from some old tights

Ankle boots: Thrifted

I just want to put it out there, that I love myself. I am confident in myself and I enjoy my life. I’m happy inside and I find REAL happiness in all sorts of places.

Keep winning, keep failing. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS.



Hair. Hair. HAIR.

First, you must know that I love hair. All throughout high school I wanted to go to cosmetology school. But then I somehow ended up here at a University. But my love for hair still lives on. Okay, so here are a few things that I just can’t get over…


Right now I have a pink strand in my hair but only because my roommate Lauryn has long beautiful blonde hair and she did pink tips and had some left over. I really really want blue tips like this. Maybe this summer? I think yes.


Okay, this picture comes from http://abeautifulmess.typepad.com. They made a tutorial on it too. But I think it is such a cute way to add color to your hair without any dye.


This picture my Mom sent me and challenged me to do this with my hair. It really is cute so sometime this weekend I’ll try the yarn bun and this hair-do as well. Don’t fret I'll post pictures!

What’s your fav hair-do?


This is how I felt about today in a nutshell:

 Snapshot_20110121_3Snapshot_20110121  Snapshot_20110121_9

Yeah, that’s the kind of day it was.

Keep winning, Keep failing… alot.




My sailboat outfit.


Photo by: my sister, Kitty, ( http://redranger07.blogspot.com )

It’s a Z Thang.

If you read my previous entry you would know this day started off ridiculous. First I woke up with lots of pain from having stepped on a pin yesterday. I was able to make it through the day. I did laugh at myself though because for a second it crossed my mind, “If only I had crutches”. Can you imagine someone asking me what happened (since that’s what everybody does when you see someone on crutches) and I had to say, “oh, I stepped on a pin.” NO! I would totally have to come up with some not lame response to that. So I threw the crutches idea out the window. I sucked it up and took it like a woman today. But really, it doesn’t hurt too much anymore. Today I had my art classes. I love Tuesdays and Thursdays for this very reason. Not to mention Tuesdays is Glee and Thursdays is The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Do not ask me why I like that show, because I honestly couldn’t tell you. Okay, okay… I like Lisa on that show. That’s all I’m saying.

It got bitter cold again today. Boo. But I got my graphic design project done with and now another one to work on. And, tomorrow’s Friday! I love Fridays! So, so, so much.

My outfit isn’t too exciting today, it’s black on black. But I did wear heels and Barbie pink lipstick. So it was sufficient for my “Oh my gosh, I’m so tired and my foot hurts” mindset this morning.


Leather Jacket: JouJou

Black top: thrifted (I’m sure it was some old lady’s at one point)

Jeans: Levis

Flapper Heels: Steve Madden

Ring: My Mom got it for me in Peru!

Lipstick: Fuschia Fever by Maybelline

Okay, here goes the awk-hawks:

-Walking up three flights of stairs and getting to the top completely out of breath but trying to hide it.

-Class ending 30 minutes early so you wander around buildings for 45 minutes till your next class.

-Getting to class and wanting to put a band-aid on my foot and thinking of every possible way you could do it without the kid next to you thinking you’re a freak… needless to say, I never got a band-aid on it.

-Wearing heels and still not being tall enough to pin your designs up on the wall in class. Asking the guy next to you for help… no response. Looking over and seeing he has headphones in.

-When you daze off then realize the entire time your nostrils were flared the entire time. ( I could officially call this the awkwardness of my life, I have been an avid nostril flarer since the age of 0. What else am I supposed to do with such big nostrils? Keep my afterschool snack in there?)




I really like Z’s.

There's a tack in my foot.

Just woke up about 30 minutes ago, Fish was still sleeping so I woke him up too. Now He's all over the place practicing his "attack" fighting skills. He is so playful in the mornings it's cute! For any of you who don't know, I have a beta fish. His name is Fish. Real original, I know. I love him with all of my puny little heart. Anyways, I still haven't picked anything to wear.. HMPH. I'm thinking button up and sweater vest? I always go so school-girly to my Tuesday/Thursday classes and I don't even mean to.
Yesterday I stepped on a pin. It went straight into the bottom of my foot. I was on the verge of a SINGLE tear but I pushed it back. My sister yanked it out and yesterday it didn't hurt too much. But today the second I woke up I could feel the pain. Who thought a measly tack could cause that much harm? It is so hard to walk and it hurts, in consequence it makes me nauesous. So I'm all messed up. However if I wear heels it doesn't hurt. I think because it makes all the pressure on the front of my foot? Okay I am officially rambling. And none of this even matters to any of you!
Off to schoolio then, love you all. Keep winning & keep failing (but win more, okay?).



Beet Sleet.


The day started with double the amount of followers I had before. I feel so lucky, I am forever grateful to all you new, wonderful followers. It really means a lot to me! Hope you like it around here! Okay, so then I felt sick and had to clean the apartment and do laundry. But after I did all that I was able to get a treat AKA a salad. I made one for my sister too. Hers is the green bowl. Okay, seriously beets are the most amazing thing on a salad. My ideal salad: Lettuce, cucumbers, beets, salt, pepper, lime juice & raspberry vinaigrette dressing. Okay, enough about food.


I just had some lovely ladies come into my apartment and tell me they loved my blog and stalk it. CAN YOU SAY AWESOME? Thanks Mikayla! Things like that keep me going!

The sun came out today, snow started to melt a tad. This meant it wasn’t as nearly slippery. Perfect day for the hooker clogs right? RIGHT! Here’s what I wore:



Jacket: Levis

Tank: Target

Jeans: My best friend’s

the infamous Hooker Clogs: Vince Camuto, Macy*s

My Barbie pink lipstick you can’t see in this picture, but I am in love with it’s girlie-ness.

I wish I could have a video of me getting from my car in the street to this table. We had to climb through snow, then once on concrete it was covered in ice. So we practically played slip ‘n slide trying to catch our balance. My Hooker clog even broke through the ice, as you can see…

I swear when we got to the park for these pictures it was 30 degrees and by the time we left it was –30 degrees. Okay, maybe not. But it got cold and dark really quick.

Okay, here’s my friend and roommate’s outfit today. I am thoroughly obsessed with this picture. I forced her to use it for her LookBook ( http://lookbook.nu/lauryn ) and blog ( http://bleeding-gold.blogspot.com ) .

Awk-hawk moments of the day:

-When you’re walking through the school library and a guy looks at your clogs, turns away, then looks again with wide eyes. (Okay, okay, I get it my clogs are nothing little town has ever seen)

-When your Hooker Clog heel is stuck in ice.

-When people come into your apartment saying they know your blog and you thought all along you were a follower-less loser.

-When the same girl compliments everything you wear, every time you see her and you don’t even know her name.

I still have to work on my project for my Intro to Graphic Design class tonight. But today has been a great day. Thank you again for your follow and I hope I’m amusing enough. LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU ALL. More to come tomorrow!

Keep winning, keep failing!



Dancing Daydreams.

If you know me, you know that I am one to daydream. I have to literally talk myself through a class because if I don’t my mind will be in a whole other galaxy. I sometimes realize a whole TV show went by and I wasn’t even watching it I was off in some la-la land. But I do love that about myself too. I can always entertain myself just by opening  my mind. Anyways, it rained all Sunday then froze over last night. If you haven’t lived in the snow before this means that everything outside of my apartment is slick ice. I almost fell on my face so many times. But nobody saw. Hehe. Here’s what I wore today, I promise I had a pea coat over this and mittens.


Photos taken by: Lauryn Nielsen( http://bleeding-gold.blogspot.com )

Embroidered button up: Thrifted

Gray Cardigan: Express

Mandarin Orange Belt: Forever 21

Jeans: Levi’s

Mustard Yellow Tights: Macy*s

Black Ankle boots: Thrifted

I painted my nails today. I really wanted to do a bright color, but I couldn’t get myself to do so. Nevertheless I like the color I ended up with. It’s a purple-ish brown-ish gray-ish color.

Today was a good day at school. Had Intro to Visual Arts class and Intro to Graphic Design class. Got to work on my project for Graphic design in the lab. I also made some friends too. And if you know me, that’s practically a miracle. Why do I have such a hard time making friends? Okay, enough of that.

Awk-hawk moment of the day: Someone asking me how I found them on Facebook. Me making up some jumbled idiotic answer.

Funny moment of the day: This guy Godwill in my Graphic Design class tells me a story about how this girl forgot his name and called him…*drumroll*… Godzilla. Haha. I had a good laugh over that one.