Dancing Daydreams.

If you know me, you know that I am one to daydream. I have to literally talk myself through a class because if I don’t my mind will be in a whole other galaxy. I sometimes realize a whole TV show went by and I wasn’t even watching it I was off in some la-la land. But I do love that about myself too. I can always entertain myself just by opening  my mind. Anyways, it rained all Sunday then froze over last night. If you haven’t lived in the snow before this means that everything outside of my apartment is slick ice. I almost fell on my face so many times. But nobody saw. Hehe. Here’s what I wore today, I promise I had a pea coat over this and mittens.


Photos taken by: Lauryn Nielsen( http://bleeding-gold.blogspot.com )

Embroidered button up: Thrifted

Gray Cardigan: Express

Mandarin Orange Belt: Forever 21

Jeans: Levi’s

Mustard Yellow Tights: Macy*s

Black Ankle boots: Thrifted

I painted my nails today. I really wanted to do a bright color, but I couldn’t get myself to do so. Nevertheless I like the color I ended up with. It’s a purple-ish brown-ish gray-ish color.

Today was a good day at school. Had Intro to Visual Arts class and Intro to Graphic Design class. Got to work on my project for Graphic design in the lab. I also made some friends too. And if you know me, that’s practically a miracle. Why do I have such a hard time making friends? Okay, enough of that.

Awk-hawk moment of the day: Someone asking me how I found them on Facebook. Me making up some jumbled idiotic answer.

Funny moment of the day: This guy Godwill in my Graphic Design class tells me a story about how this girl forgot his name and called him…*drumroll*… Godzilla. Haha. I had a good laugh over that one.



  1. That belt is so cute. Lovely photos dear :)


  2. Thank you(:
    I swear that belt can go with anything. Easy way to add color!

  3. you are super cute, and I love your style. your newest follower.

  4. love the collar on that top, so pretty!

  5. i love this look, its so everything i want my style to be but isnt quite haha


  6. Great pictures! I love your outfit!

  7. Dear ♥ thank u so much!!! I really like this outfit and of course I follow you back as I said...xoxo and Keep in touch! ♥


  8. Thanks to all of you!! You are all so sweet! I love the shirt too. I tried it on at the thrift store and didn't see much potential in it but It was a good buy (:

    I'll follow you all back!

    xoxoxxo Dani K.