Sunday Sleet

I look out the window and what do I see?

  • Snow
  • Sleet
  • Rain
  • Fog
  • Mist
  • Freezing Rain

It’s disgusting. But anyways, got dressed to go to church. Here’s what I wore:

3/4-length sweater: Forever21

Tube top ruffle dress: Francesca’s

Jean Vest: Thrifted

Black Link Necklace: Buckle

Blue Wedges: Kensiegirl

Photos taken by: Lauryn Nielsen ( http://bleeding-gold.blogspot.com )

Church was fine. My favorite part, sad to say, was this little blonde girl who sat in front of me who had a matching dress with her African-American cabbage patch doll. Haha.

As for the rest of this Sunday, I’ll be watching movies, doing homework, painting my nails, and thinking how happy I am to NOT have school tomorrow. Happy Sunday y’all.

Still winning. Still failing.

XOXO Dani Kirtley


  1. That's a really nice outfit. :) I love the denim jacket and the shoes you're wearing. Have fun painting your nails, lol! Mine are painted teal right now - I love the color teal. <3
    Cool blog!


  2. Thanks Shelly! I love teal too! I should paint a bright color, i've done too many grays lately.