Turbies 4 Life.

Last night Lola and I decided to sew. I got to finally teach somebody how to sew! I felt “sew” cool. Okay, I’m obviously not funny. So anyways I taught Lola how to alter sleeves on a top, make velvet sweatpants into a high-waisted skirt, and turn an old knit tee into a turban headband. I hemmed a skirt I sewed a couple months ago, made a turban headband with some fabric I never could find a use for, and altered a skirt. We had left over velvet from the sweatpants so then we made velvet turban headbands. By this time it was verrrryyy late and so for some reason we couldn’t stop laughing about them. We took pictures as we struggled to keep straight faces, then ate vegetables and drank some bubbly(Sparkling lemonade) for the occasion. We sat across from each other as if it was a date. Pretty sure we laughed the entire time. K, so here are some photos!



“Hummmmm” “Uhmmm”

Me falling from my levitation. Okay, Just kidding, this is me trying to fold my legs with my feet on top. I swear this was easy when I was young.

TURBIES 4 LIFEEE. K, As you can tell my love for what we call “turbies” is very strong. They are fashionable, they do not count as a hat at school so teachers don’t tell you to take it off, and it keeps your ears warm in the cold snowy weather. But most of all, because they’re called turbies. Turby Twin day in the near future? I think yes.

TUTORIAL TIME: (Sorry, I don’t have pictures, but it’s very simple)

1. Cut two 24 x 16” pieces of fabric.

2. Fold each of these hot-dog style, good sides facing towards each other. Sew 1/4” seam down the sides. Flip inside out.

3. Interlock the two pieces and hold it around your head to estimate how much of a seam to sew.

4. Sew all four pieces together in the back, flip inside out.

Tip: I sewed the two pieces on the end together before I sewed all four together, just so it was a little easier.


I’ll post today’s look in a little while, Love y’all. Keep winning, keep meditating, keep failing.


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