Snow Rabbit.

Kay, let me just get this out there: This vest is an attention grabber.

1. When I opened it on Christmas my Dad’s face was absolutely priceless. It was a combination of shock, fear and disgust. Nevertheless, I love it.

2. At the thrift store today a one-toothed man asked me where I got it and said it was “different”.

3. The worker at the thrift store said, '”Wow. is that feathers or fur? Very nice.”

Moral of the story, get a fur vest if you’re seeking attention from one-toothed men and thrift store workers. Or, if you’d just like to throw your father for a loop.

Photo by: Lola Nielsen (http://bleeding-gold.blogspot.com)

Go hype this look on LookBook at http://lookbook.nu/itsdanik

Here’s me showing off my hooker clogs. Something else my father just LOVED.


Photo by: Lola Nielsen (http://bleeding-gold.blogspot.com)

I went thrift shopping! Yay! So here’s a look at what I got! Not bed ehh? An embroidered button up $2, A black top $4, a jean vest $4, a poncho $3, ankle boots $4 and snakeskin pumps in perfect condition might I add $4. It was a really successful night. Everybody got cute stuffs! I got Barbie doll pink lipstick too.


This jean vest is most definitely my favorite thrifted item ever. What’s your favorite thing you ever thrifted?!

Keep winning. Keep failing.

XOXO Dani Kirtley.

P.s. did anybody notice the pink in my hair?? (:

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