It’s still freezing cold here. Look at all the baby icicles on teh bush outside of our apartment. Just ridiculous.


As we were walking to take pictures today an icicle fell and went straight into my skull, after a short hospital visit they were able to melt it right out. Okay, not really. Maybe that’s not even a funny joke. It’s kind of serious.


Well, if you’ve wondered why I’ve been I have been busting my butt, up all night trying to finish a project for my graphic design class and I have been spending multiple hours trying to get my hair to part on the side. As you can see, it refuses to this very day.


Okay, what I wore today:

Leather Jacket: Jou Jou

White Button-up: Old Navy, little boys section

Leopard scarf: It was given to me by my great grandmother Helen. It was hers for all her life

Jeans: AE

Burgundy tights: Hue @ Macy*s

Shoes: Thrifted

Well, I still have a shower to take and sleep to get. Night lovelies.

Keep on winning and keep on failing. XOXO Dk.

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