Sea of Donuts

There is a couple things I realized once I moved away from home.

1. Donuts are really good. They solve any problem. Stress? Donuts. Annoyed? Donuts. Tired? Donuts. I am lucky enough to have a sister, and two roommates Lola and Katie who love donuts as well.

2. Pizza is very good. Me and Lola talked about how we feel like we’re in the third grade when we say, “My favorite food is pizza”. But really, it is so good and who cares anyways, third graders are cool.

So I of course had to get donuts today. Got all dressed up, went to Paradise Donuts. I don’t know if “Paradise” was the correct choice, nevertheless they were delish. On the way home me and Lola took pictures of our outfits for you and for Lookbook (http://lookbook.nu/itsdanik –go hype it!)

Who ever said ponchos weren’t cool? Shame on them.

I’m still learning how to pose, I promise my pictures will eventually stop being so awk hawk.

Top: Buckle (my sister’s closet)

Poncho: thrifted

Necklace: Buckle (my sister’s closet)

Jeans: borrowed from best friend

Snakeskin heels: thrifted

So we saw this behind our apartments and then i realized how freaking cold it is here! Look at all those icicles. So if you think it’s cold where you are, maybe rethink what I’m going through. I’m just a California girl, I was not made for this kind of stuff. DSCN0147

I have no school on Monday for the holiday! I’m so excited! Have a great weekend to all of you!!

Keep Winning. Keep Failing.

XOXO Dani K!


  1. the necklace is actually forever 21...
    and why do all of my clothes fit you better than me?

  2. Oh, crunchy. They do not. It fits you better, you just can't tell on me because my lovely poncho covers it up haha.

  3. oi. girl. every time you wear something of mine...

  4. ... I feel like you, then I feel cool. HEHE.