There's a tack in my foot.

Just woke up about 30 minutes ago, Fish was still sleeping so I woke him up too. Now He's all over the place practicing his "attack" fighting skills. He is so playful in the mornings it's cute! For any of you who don't know, I have a beta fish. His name is Fish. Real original, I know. I love him with all of my puny little heart. Anyways, I still haven't picked anything to wear.. HMPH. I'm thinking button up and sweater vest? I always go so school-girly to my Tuesday/Thursday classes and I don't even mean to.
Yesterday I stepped on a pin. It went straight into the bottom of my foot. I was on the verge of a SINGLE tear but I pushed it back. My sister yanked it out and yesterday it didn't hurt too much. But today the second I woke up I could feel the pain. Who thought a measly tack could cause that much harm? It is so hard to walk and it hurts, in consequence it makes me nauesous. So I'm all messed up. However if I wear heels it doesn't hurt. I think because it makes all the pressure on the front of my foot? Okay I am officially rambling. And none of this even matters to any of you!
Off to schoolio then, love you all. Keep winning & keep failing (but win more, okay?).


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