Beet Sleet.


The day started with double the amount of followers I had before. I feel so lucky, I am forever grateful to all you new, wonderful followers. It really means a lot to me! Hope you like it around here! Okay, so then I felt sick and had to clean the apartment and do laundry. But after I did all that I was able to get a treat AKA a salad. I made one for my sister too. Hers is the green bowl. Okay, seriously beets are the most amazing thing on a salad. My ideal salad: Lettuce, cucumbers, beets, salt, pepper, lime juice & raspberry vinaigrette dressing. Okay, enough about food.


I just had some lovely ladies come into my apartment and tell me they loved my blog and stalk it. CAN YOU SAY AWESOME? Thanks Mikayla! Things like that keep me going!

The sun came out today, snow started to melt a tad. This meant it wasn’t as nearly slippery. Perfect day for the hooker clogs right? RIGHT! Here’s what I wore:



Jacket: Levis

Tank: Target

Jeans: My best friend’s

the infamous Hooker Clogs: Vince Camuto, Macy*s

My Barbie pink lipstick you can’t see in this picture, but I am in love with it’s girlie-ness.

I wish I could have a video of me getting from my car in the street to this table. We had to climb through snow, then once on concrete it was covered in ice. So we practically played slip ‘n slide trying to catch our balance. My Hooker clog even broke through the ice, as you can see…

I swear when we got to the park for these pictures it was 30 degrees and by the time we left it was –30 degrees. Okay, maybe not. But it got cold and dark really quick.

Okay, here’s my friend and roommate’s outfit today. I am thoroughly obsessed with this picture. I forced her to use it for her LookBook ( http://lookbook.nu/lauryn ) and blog ( http://bleeding-gold.blogspot.com ) .

Awk-hawk moments of the day:

-When you’re walking through the school library and a guy looks at your clogs, turns away, then looks again with wide eyes. (Okay, okay, I get it my clogs are nothing little town has ever seen)

-When your Hooker Clog heel is stuck in ice.

-When people come into your apartment saying they know your blog and you thought all along you were a follower-less loser.

-When the same girl compliments everything you wear, every time you see her and you don’t even know her name.

I still have to work on my project for my Intro to Graphic Design class tonight. But today has been a great day. Thank you again for your follow and I hope I’m amusing enough. LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU ALL. More to come tomorrow!

Keep winning, keep failing!


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