Hello my lovelies. Well I decided I am the suckiest blogger ever. Instead I stay on Tumblr and reblog after reblog. But rarely write anything of my own. Time for that to change… only on BlogSpot though. Yes, that means bookmark me and expect things to change around here. I guess you could call this a New Year’s resolution? Yes, I realize I’m a little late but that’s just the procrastinator inside of me. I do love to blog, it’s just I rarely find the time to do it. NO MORE EXCUSES.

I changed the name of my blog to: Winning Failure. I realized throughout my life I was always a failure. I always quit on things and people I loved. I’ve been told I’m a failure. I often feel like a failure. But I thought to myself once, “people focusing on my failure made me win.” So I’ll continue to fail until I win. I’m a winning failure. Fall down 4 times, stand up 5.

So here’s the deal:

I will blog regularly.

I will take pictures and post my outfits, as often as possible.

I will take pictures and post my art, as often as possible.


I’ll keep you updated on my puny-little-currently-located-in-Idaho-college-life.


As for my own personal yearly goals:

I will push the envelope. Wear what I really want, put on an extra layer of lipstick, let my hair be messy an extra day, wear heels in the snow, take an extra long bath and just be ME--without any hesitation.

For starts, let’s look at some things I currently want want want:00010768-03 00011068-02 84548158-02

Yeah? Yeah? Am I right? Well even if you don’t like, I DO. Anyways, I don’t have the money for such items so tonight my roomie & friend, Lauryn who I refer to as Lola, will be going to D.I. thrift store for tacky old clothing and then Wal-Mart for some new lipsticks. Her and I are one in the same.

Sidenote: In our apartment of 6 I can always find my cups amongst the sea of cups because mine and Lola’s always have lipstick marks on the rim. Then I look at the color and say, “yup this is my lipstick” or “nope, it’s Lola’s”.

Anyways, I’ll post pics of what I get and of my new pink hair that Lola and I did last night. I only have a strand of pink, Lola has pink tips with her beautiful blonde locks. WELP THAT’S ALL FOLKS.

Keep failing. Keep winning.


Dani Kirtley

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