Realistic dreaming.

Even though it is MY dream and not anybody else’s, I still have to be logical. This can’t happen until I find those few other people who want the same thing I do just as bad. I think about this every minute of every single day. Ask my closest friends and my sister. It consumes my mind and my heart. I research, I dream, I read, I study, I design, I create, I think, and I pray my little heart out.

I need to find the ones who are willing to give things up, people up, money up, and time up for it. I am willing to have children later in life for this. I am willing to be poor for a long time, I am willing to be at a shop day in and day out 24/7.

The ones who have something to bring to the table. For instance, they can sew, they craft, they make journals, they make good tea, they love thrift shopping, they can decorate interior spaces, they make art. I can’t ever run a business where i am the only one designing and making while they get profit for it.

In case you’re completely oblivious to what I am talking about, I’m not afraid to say it anymore. I used to be embarrassed what people would think of me. Not anymore, because I know it’s going to happen. I want a store. I want to sell handmade crafts, journals, skirts, hair accessories, wallets, bags, and more. I want to sell vintage and thrifted one of a kind pieces. I want to sell art and music. I want to sell vintage shoes and jewelry. I want to sell children’s clothing and fun doo-dads. I want to sell handmade accessories for Fishbowls and kittens. My shop will be everything I love. I want it to be an experience coming to my shop. Where people can sit down and color like they did when they were a child. Where they dress up in old vintage clothing and sip on tea. I want them to be inspired by art and music and crafts.

This dream I dream will be my reality one day. I know I won’t marry until I find the one man who believes this for me too. I know I won't rest until I'm going to sleep already living this dream. I know I won't give up. This is the one thing I've wanted more than any other.

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