Birthday Wishlist;

My birthday is the 14th and I am so so so excited. I can’t wait because I know my love has something special planned. Only, I’m not sure just what. But here are a few things I would like…

A Cactus!

cactus-1 Or possibly shoes? Or maybe just money to go shopping at the local thrift store.

shBLprague1black shQDophelia01blackburnish shQDsookie01taupeburnishnubuckpu

Shoes from www.lulus.com

However, one of these two beauties is what would really get me going:

Fullscreen capture 322011 21808 PM.bmp

Jensen Wood turntable @ urban Outfitters

(must come with Jimi Hendrix Record!)

Fullscreen capture 322011 21643 PM.bmp


Lomography Fisheye Camera @ Urban Outfitters


Or maybe a kitten when I have an apartment in California.

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