Tutorial: Wallet with a zipper!

Okay, I think we all could never have enough wallets or pouches for money, jewelry, feminine products, receipts, makeup, etc. So here's a simple way to make yourself one in any pattern you'd like!

You will need a minimum of 2 different fabrics, unless you want the inside and outside to be the same.
1. Cut two 6x7.5in squares of your outside fabric.
Cut another two 6x7.5in of your inside fabric.
Cut one 2.5x4.5in square of either fabric or another print for your pocket.
Cut one 2x4.5in piece of your outside fabric.

2. Pin your small strip of outside fabric facing down onto your pocket piece. Sew where the orange line is.

3. Unpin and fold over to iron.

4. Fold over the back and iron.

5. Pin your pocket onto your inside fabric, sew along the orange lines.

6. Place inside fabric onto the back of your outside fabric and pin zipper to the top of the outside fabric. The zipper should be facing downward. Sew along orange line.
7. If you have a zipper foot put it onto your sewing machine, it will help you sew close to the zipper.

8. Unpin and flip the zipper up.
9. Take your other outside fabric and inside with their backs facing each other and pin them to the top of the zipper. Outside fabric should face downward onto the zipper that is facing upward. Flip over and sew along the orange line.

10. Unfold and it should look like this;
11. Iron the fabric down.
12. Sew along the fabric to keep it from getting into your zipper. Try and sew your straightest stitch! This is where your wallet can start looking sloppy. Sew along the white lines.

13. Flip inside out.
14. Use the side with the pocket to help you decide how short you can sew the wallet without cutting off the pocket. Pin and sew along orange lines.

HINT: Unzip the zipper half way now so it's easier to flip right side out.
14. Trim extra fabric off.

15. Turn right side out and you've just made a wallet!
With a pocket!


  1. Nice work! Love the tutorial. Keep it up!

  2. i own this wallito! Its really super nice and perfect. Make one.