Cute in the Cold. Possible?

I officially moved into Rexburg, Idaho. WOW.
Okay, so I was told it was going to be a cold place, but I mean, it's still fall, right?
Well, I got kinda excited for the cold. Back in California I loved being able to put on boots and layer on tanks and hoodies and coats with scarves and beanies. But the "fall cold" here is already colder than the California "winter cold". I'm getting a littlenervous. Not to mention when shopping with my mother for w inter coats I'd see a cute one, pick it up and say, "Hey! What about this one? It's so cute!" And every time I'd get, "No. That is NOT warm enough." And I'm talking about what was the thickest biggest jackets I'd ever seen. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating. Either way. Being cute in the cold is still possible. Let's check it out:
Thigh High boots? YES, YES, YES.

Military fashion? I'm all about that look. Even got a leather jacket for the cause. It can be hard to do camo without looking... trashy? ... Little girlish? ... white trash? Juss' saying.

Okay, so this really has nothing to do with this post, but I just really want this jacket. That is all.

Last but definitely not least, i want this fall/winter outfit. Love the layering and messiness of it. Hmmmppphhh. Well, that is all. Enjoy your Fall and Winter fashion!

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